Oral hygiene doesn’t have to be a bourgeois affair.

February has become my biggest climbing month in cycling so far at 41,200’. This is a result of my Death Ride training program. The short story is that I do climb-heavy rides on Wednesdays and Saturdays, with a minimum of Month x 2,500’ (ex: in February that’s 2 x 2,500 = 5,000’).

I’m definitely the strongest cyclist I’ve ever been. Going up hills is apparently a good workout.

If you’re into electronic music, the DirtyRadio.org podcasts are a great source of eclectic, quality stuff. This one in particular is a favorite when I’m coding. The track at 28:00 is dark, chuggy, and generally awesome.

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The state of my finances tracks the state of my life pretty well. 2011 was stable and boring, Summer ‘12 was crazy, and now things are finding a new equilibrium. It would be cool if I had mood data to overlay on this this.